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Yacht Care & Maintenance

A large part of the day-to-day maintenance is keeping your yacht shining bright & running right. We will schedule and manage the daily, weekly, monthly & annual needs of your vessel.

Yacht Care

Trust us to take care of every aspect of yacht care to keep your vessel in pristine condition.  From routine washes and interior cleanings, to more extensive detailing projects like engine room cleaning, buffing, waxing, and teak cleaning we provide the highest quality services ensuring that your yacht looks impeccable down to the last detail.



Licensed Professionals

When it comes to yacht maintenance, we've got you covered. We handle everything from scheduling to managing the daily, weekly, monthly and annual needs of your vessel. Our team works with the top providers in the region to ensure your yacht stays in top condition.  Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.​


Don't risk damaging your vessel by leaving it out in the cold. Let PEAK take care of all your Winter Storage needs. We'll coordinate the haulout, clean up your dock, and safely store your boat and dock accessories for the winter. You can trust our experienced team to handle every aspect of the process, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your vessel is ready to go when warmer weather returns.

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